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Bachmann says that European immigrants “did not come here for the promise of a federal handout … or a welfare payment.” Instead, they came here for the “limitless opportunity” that the “most magnificent country” in history afforded them. Well, actually, European immigrants did get special federal handouts in the form of white-only citizenship rights: Germans, Greeks, Jews, Irish, Poles and Italians were never barred from the “white only” military, voter rolls, juries or federal jobs, unlike people of color. Keep in mind that citizenship itself was limited to “free white persons.” When more than 90 percent of black people were enslaved in the U.S., the Homestead Act of 1862 gave millions of acres of land to white immigrants. Yep, federal handouts.

Leaning Right: How Conservative Myths Stoke Racial Fear (via robot-heart-politics)

This is why I get so sick of white people claiming their ancestors never benefited from slavery or racism. Pick up a damned history book or three and read, or kindly shut the entire fuck up when we talk about white privilege in America.

(via karnythia)

Be careful with blanket ‘all’ kinds of statements, please.  Some immigrants came after or before or never left parts of the country that were urban than Homestead.  She’s an idiot.

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