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“I feel your pain, I know where you are coming from…but go get a job.”

GOP spokesman Ron Christie, who, after calling unemployed people “lazy” went on to call #occupywallstreet a “disorderly mob” and claim that protestors are “doing drugs and having sex in public.”

For the record, Mr. Christie…not everyone was lucky enough to be born in swanky, entitled Palo Alto like you were.  Not everyone has the wealthy Peninsula connections that you have, and in fact…almost 25 percent of the male African-American population is being actively disenfranchised by the people who sign your checks.

You are being used by a racist political party to provide them with cover for their racist deeds…an act which so glaringly obvious that I have to believe you are in on it.

Seriously dude…how much are they paying you to sell us out?


So I have to be mature and not refer to his cross-eyed-ness? Oh, okay…….*skips away* 

I was thinking he looks like Gumby brought to life so…

What flavor kool-aid is he drinking. God. That kind of bullshit sounded good to me from ages 14-16 and I left it there. He did not. 

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In a 1990 report, the non-partisan U.S. General Accounting Office found “a pattern of evidence indicating racial disparities in the charging, sentencing, and imposition of the death penalty.” The study concluded that a defendant was several times more likely to be sentenced to death if the murder victim was white. This has been confirmed by the findings of many other studies that, holding all other factors constant, the single most reliable predictor of whether someone will be sentenced to death is the race of the victim.

  1. A report sponsored by the American Bar Association in 2007 concluded that one-third of African-American death row inmates in Philadelphia would have received sentences of life imprisonment if they had not been African-American.
  2. A January 2003 study released by the University of Maryland concluded that race and geography are major factors in death penalty decisions. Specifically, prosecutors are more likely to seek a death sentence when the race of the victim is white and are less likely to seek a death sentence when the victim is African-American.
  3. A 2007 study of death sentences in Connecticut conducted by Yale University School of Law revealed that African-American defendants receive the death penalty at three times the rate of white defendants in cases where the victims are white. In addition, killers of white victims are treated more severely than people who kill minorities, when it comes to deciding what charges to bring.

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Makeover Magic

For our second Beauty Bar interactive we have Nyasha at Marilyn. Check out Milk Made to drag the grey bar and see her transformation before and after the Richard Chai show!

Photo by: Greg Kessler

Okay, note to self, don’t ever start your day off with tumblr unless you want a big hot mug full of “the fuck?!” to be your new morning mantra.

I saw this and I said to myself, “no, that’s not the same girl. Nah, they wouldn’t make her blatantly lighters as some form of beautification. That’d be way too over the line.” So I clicked the tumblr, found the website and the interactive version of this thing, right here. Go ahead, drag the bar… Now tell me what they did that doesn’t include making her lighter, giving her lipstick, and combing her straightened hair?

Here is the description next to the interactive version:

“Photographer Greg Kessler captures the model-morphoses of New York Fashion Week. Here, the modelNyasha @Marilyn before (right) and after (left) is transformed at Richard Chai, with makeup by James Kaliardos and hair by Tippi Shorter for Avon Techniques. (Drag the grey bar horizontally to reveal the full makeover magic.)”

Jame Kaliardos and I need to have a fucking talk, then.

Is this not blatant fuckery or am I trippin’? Maybe it’s the lighting, Demi. It’s just a lighting difference. 

Nah, fuck that. And if you ask me her nose looks photoshopped smaller too.

Good morning to you too, tumblr.

no. this is blatant racist shadist fuckey.

…the fuck?

The site has a ‘comments section’ and the commenters all seem to agree.

  • “soo you made her skin lighter? sad.”
  • “she looks better withuot her skin tone “improved”. stupid fashion industry.”
  • “WAY TO WHITEWASH HER. her dark beautiful skin doesn’t need your “transformation”.
  • “You’re basically promoting an ideology that’s blatantly saying that women with lighter skin are more beautiful?”

Somebody is going to get in trouble for this hot mess, you mark my words.

Not that I’m defending this because obviously there’s some fuckery going down here but let’s take a moment to discuss a sub-issue in the makeup/fashion industries when it comes to skin color. This may sound frivolous but honestly, you won’t believe the number of darker skinned models who go to walk in these shows and have to deal with people not knowing what to do with them. All around them white models are getting their makeup and hair done for the look of the day and look flawless. The black girls, however, usually don’t get their hair as intricately styled (unless they’re bald, which you’ll notice many black models are on suggestion of their agencies because it makes them “easier” to deal with), and their makeup is lighter or blotchy.

Well, If you walk into any beauty store or drug store right now and look at the selections for makeup for women of color, you’ll find that the options are terrible. It’s gradually getting better with lines made specifically for women of color, but for regular lines often your choices are, like “caramel,” “mocha,” and “~deep mocha.” A makeup artist is presented with a girl whose skintone cannot be easily placed into any set category, so they just pick the shade that can match the best (if you notice, the model above has lighter skin towards the center of her face and darker skin around her eyes/mouth/etc - darker women have hyper-pigmentation which makes it even harder to find makeup shades to match). This may have been a conscious effort to make her lighter, or it may have just been the fact that the foundation they were using didn’t come in a shade better suited for her complexion, or it may be a bit of both - either way, quite frankly, this shit is fucked up. 

My second thought after the complexion looking wrong, even to someone who doesn’t deal with makeup, is that the lipstick makes her look like a plastic doll instead of a lovely woman.  It doesn’t work for me at all, and may have been the reason why the lighting changed.  To reduce the clash, or increase it for effect?  Uggh.


Also, notice how they put the brown face to the crime…

There really should be some factor in the system for need and recidivsm.   The second had nothing and the system soesn’t address that.  Locking him up for 15 years is SO much cheaper than a little assistance in the first place.    And recividism is for the rich bastard, there’s no reason for him to resist doing more fraud.  That sentence, especially of he gets out early to make room for the homeless man, is less than the time he spent for a college degree.  And the $100 is a sum that people can recover from, How many cannot recover from the fraud?  Sentences for fraud should be cumulative, as he not only took money but safety, self-respect, and the future.


I of course agree with pol102 and kohenari, and want to add one another name to the list of heroic actors here: Norman Rockwell, the painter. Rockwell, who had become America’s most popular artist with Americana work that was so pure and simple critics insist it must be kitsch, shocked his core audience with this piece in 1963.

Was his the courage Ruby Bridges showed? No: of course not. But Rockwell was willing to risk his own popularity by alienating his conservative, kitschy followers in order to illustrate the plain truth that some things are wrong, and creating a world in which a little girl had to have a police escort just to go to school is simply, plainly wrong.


My favorite thing about the painting has always been this: She’s standing upright, unflinchingly looking straight ahead. And just behind her, there’s what’s left on the wall form something that clearly hurled at her, only moments before. Ari has it right. This is a heroic painting.

From kohenari:

She Can’t Be a Hero If Obama Likes Her

The power of the painting rests in this: An ordinary little girl, in her ordinary dress, on her way to what should be an ordinary day of school, who can’t do any of this without several police protecting her from the violent actions of hate-filled, venomous people who loathe her because of her skin color.

That little girl grew up into the adult Ruby Bridges, now 56 years old and living in New Orleans, who successfully lobbied President Obama to hang the painting in the White House. He opted to have it hung not down some dark hall, but right outside the Oval Office. More than two months after the painting was installed (it’s on loan from the Normal Rockwell Museum, in Stockbridge, Mass.) the media has sat up and made this a big news story. Is Obama sending a message here? Why does a painting with such “difficult” subject matter have to hang right outside the Oval Office?

I spent a lot of time reading dozens of comments on various sites carrying the story. There are a surprising number that run along the lines of, “Obama is playing the race card,” or, “Can’t blacks get over it?” or “Obama is doing this only because of the opening Sunday of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington,” or (best yet, for those of us who are educators), “That was long-ago history. Why drag it up now?” More than one sunny person asked why Obama couldn’t put up “something positive” about race.

All these comments criticizing the painting and its placement, and not one recognizing the simple truth that for all the scathing indictment lurking in the painting’s title, “The Problem We All Live With” is a heroic painting? It fits in with a long tradition of such paintings, alongside “The Death of Socrates,” “Liberty Leading the People” and “Washington Crossing the Delaware.”

I can’t believe this needs spelling out, but it does. The painting of the little Ruby Bridges inspires us to behave with dignity and courage in the face of adversity. She is what’s called a hero

HT: PoliticalProf.

Damn, this picture is important enough for the president and his visitors to remember, that he could have hung a print if the original could not be obtained.  Dignity and perserverance when hate is thrown your way is the perfect image for inside the White House.

How media clearly reflects the sexism and the racism we cannot see in ourselves.




I wanted my first-year film students to understand what happens to a story when actual human beings inhabit your characters, and the way they can inspire storytelling. And I wanted to teach them how to look at headshots and what you might be able to tell from a headshot. So for the past few years I’ve done a small experiment with them.

Some troubling shit always occurs.

It works like this: I bring in my giant file of head shots, which include actors of all races, sizes, shapes, ages, and experience levels. Each student picks a head shot from the stack and gets a few minutes to sit with the person’s face and then make up a little story about them. 

Namely, for white men, they have no trouble coming up with an entire history, job, role, genre, time, place, and costume. They will often identify him without prompting as “the main character.” The only exception? “He would play the gay guy.” For white women, they mostly do not come up with a job (even though it was specifically asked for), and they will identify her by her relationships. “She would play the mom/wife/love interest/best friend.” I’ve heard “She would play the slut” or “She would play the hot girl.” A lot more than once.

For nonwhite men, it can be equally depressing. “He’s in a buddy cop movie, but he’s not the main guy, he’s the partner.” “He’d play a terrorist.” “He’d play a drug dealer.” “A thug.” “A hustler.” “Homeless guy.” One Asian actor was promoted to “villain.”

For nonwhite women (grab onto something sturdy, like a big glass of strong liquor), sometimes they are “lucky” enough to be classified as the girlfriend/love interest/mom, but I have also heard things like “Well, she’d be in a romantic comedy, but as the friend, you know?” “Maid.” “Prostitute.” “Drug addict.”

I should point out that the responses are similar whether the group is all or mostly-white or extremely racially mixed, and all the groups I’ve tried this with have been about equally balanced between men and women, though individual responses vary. Women do a little better with women, and people of color do a little better with people of color, but female students sometimes forget to come up with a job for female actors and black male students sometimes tell the class that their black male actor wouldn’t be the main guy.

Once the students have made their pitches, we interrogate their opinions. “You seem really sure that he’s not the main character – why? What made you automatically say that?” “You said she was a mom. Was she born a mom, or did she maybe do something else with her life before her magic womb opened up and gave her an identity? Who is she as a person?” In the case of the “thug“, it turns out that the student was just reading off his film resume. This brilliant African American actor who regularly brings houses down doing Shakespeare on the stage and more than once made me weep at the beauty and subtlety of his performances, had a list of film credits that just said “Thug #4.” “Gang member.” “Muscle.” Because that’s the film work he can get. Because it puts food on his table.

So, the first time I did this exercise, I didn’t know that it would turn into a lesson on racism, sexism, and every other kind of -ism. I thought it was just about casting. But now I know that casting is never just about casting, and this day is a real teachable opportunity. Because if we do this right, we get to the really awkward silence, where the (now mortified) students try to sink into their chairs. Because, hey, most of them are proud Obama voters! They have been raised by feminist moms! They don’t want to be or see themselves as being racist or sexist. But their own racism and sexism is running amok in the room, and it’s awkward.

This for every time someone criticizes how characters of color and female characters of color especially are treated in text and by subsequent fandoms.  It’s never “just a television/movie/book”. It’s never been ”just”.


But representation doesn’t matter in post-racial America. Or something. The media that gets made teaches people to discriminate in theory & in reality.

(Source: letthetruthlaugh)

Dragon Age 2: The Whitening



There was an earlier post dealing with Isabela from Dragon Age 2 being modded. I just wanted to make an addendum that she is not the only one to suffer in that game. Every single companion has popular mods adjusting them to be blonder, paler and blue eyed, even if they were white to begin with. NOT WHITE ENOUGH, I guess.

(original looks here)

[Ed. note: SWEET JESUS, this editor had no idea! I am deeply ashamed of the fan community. This is so hurtful.]

Uggh, I don’t change that, not even consider.  I would have been perfectly happy if they let use change all our companions, as yeah, aside from Isabela they are already too white. (I’m white, but this is silly)  I could see them trending more white when DAO was in a smaller ‘english inspired culture,’ but Antiva and Orlais were hinted different.  I really expected less white-bread in Kirkwall.  Blue-eyed and blond isn’t that common in most of the world so I never wanted making people look more like this. *stomach turns*

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A Recession for White Americans, A Depression for Black and Latino Americans



Essentially, all of the economic gains made by people of color since the Civil Rights Movement have been erased in a few years by the Long Recession. Whites experienced a net wealth loss of 16 percent from 2005 to 2009, while blacks lost about half of their wealth (53 percent) and Latinos lost two-thirds of their wealth.

Media outlets reporting on the Pew study point to housing loss as the primary culprit, since the net worth of blacks and Latinos is heavily reliant on home ownership, while whites are more likely to have retirement accounts and stock.

Rampant–and racist–fraud in the home loan industry was a primary contributor to the collapse, with 61 percent of sub-prime loan holders actually qualifying for prime loans that would have been easier to maintain. Blacks and Latinos were especially targeted for sub-prime loans, a practice called “reverse redlining.” Wells Fargo loan officer-turned-whistle blower Elizabeth Jacobson admitted that her company specifically went after African Americans for sub-prime loans through “wealth building” conferences hosted in black churches.

The employment gap between whites and blacks is also a contributor to the wealth gap. While white American are suffering through the Long Recession with 7.9 percent unemployment, blacks are experiencing Great Depression-like figures of 16.1 percent unemployment. This figure jumps to 31.4 percent for blacks ages 16 to 24, and black Americans have consistently had the higher rate of unemployment compared to white Americans since 2007.

Not surprisingly, the employment gap, too, has racist origins. The Center for American Progress analyzed unemployment data from the last three recessions and found that black unemployment starts earlier, rises faster and lingers longer. Explanations include the concentration of black workers in the stumbling manufacturing sector, the cutting of public sector jobs–and racial discrimination. This last finding is no shock given that employers are more likely to call back a white job applicant with a criminal record than a similarly qualified black man without a record.

The role of racism in poverty is important to keep in mind at a time Washington politicians are manufacturing crises that will slash the entitlement programs that 1 in 6 Americans rely on. It’s ironic that we’re cutting safety nets for the poor just as we’re experiencing the highest poverty rate since 1960, with blacks and Latinos three times as likely to live in poverty. Public policy is supposed to knock down racial and other non-meritorious barriers to pursuing life, liberty, and happiness, not jack them higher.

But white privilege doesn’t exist and racism is long gone, right post-racial America? 

And then people like Bachmann get on TV & talk about doing away with minimum wage. Gee, guess who’s most likely earning minimum wage & relying on those social safety nets. Keep thinking the Tea Party leaders give a damn about the working poor if you want to, but the truth is that’s the group they want to sacrifice to pad their own pockets.

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